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Our core Taxation Services consist of …

Taxation Services

Contractors and IR35

Please  contact us if you would like a free consultation to discuss the tax advantages of contracting in more detail and the different possible scenarios.

We offer  all inclusive  services for contractors including…

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Employment Status

The question as to whether someone is employed or self employed is not as straightforward as it might at  first appear. Many people assume they are free to choose, but this is not the case.

Although there is no clear-cut answer as to how you decide if you are self- employed or not, the following should be on your checklist

Fundamental factors to consider:

Other factors to consider:

There are often matters  of general employment law, and not specific tax legislation. There is an enormous amount of Case Law in this area and HMRC are not always right. HMRC do not have the final say on whether somebody is self-employed or not. We  can argue your case and take it before the Tax Commissioners for you.

The  cost if you get  it wrong is enormous. Not only is there the question of employees and employers national insurance, being classified as an employee also gives rise to all sorts of employment rights such as holiday pay, maternity pay, unfair dismissal etc. The decision has to  be made by the employer and if you get it wrong it is going to be very hard to recover the back tax, interest, penalties etc from the worker.

We can review your existing arrangements and give you our opinion on whether it will stand up to attack from the Taxman. We can help advise on contracts for services to assist you and advise on how you can maximise your chances  

For more information see our..

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Inheritance Tax Planning

Tailored wealth succession planning enables a smooth transition to the next generation as well as minimising tax liabilities.

We can advise…

However, estate planning is not solely about tax and we adopt a common sense approach, helping you to ensure you own financial needs are met and to avoid “giving away too much too soon”.

For more information see our..

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Personal Tax

Need help with your Tax Return or want to pay less tax?

Personal tax services are available both  for business owners and private individuals including..

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Payroll, PAYE Returns and RTI

Everything seemed fine running your own business until the day you took on your first employee and became an unpaid tax collector. This is when you found out what red tape was all about.

Let us take the strain away from you and let you get on with running and growing the business. Payroll is complicated and has to be done on time and you as the employer are responsible for the mistakes.

We  run payrolls on time and can provide a tailor made service for your business including…

You will never have to worry about calculating  statutory sick pay or maternity pay and dealing with tax credits and student loan deductions ever again!

And at year end..

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Tax Disputes or Investigations

It’s an unfortunate fact of business life that from time to  time there will be disagreement between the taxpayer and HMRC. Sometimes it is the facts of the case that are in question but it is also often the legislation itself that is in question. Tax isn’t always black and white and where this is the case we  are happy  to argue your case in the strongest  possible terms.

As a taxpayer you have many rights and we will ensure they are never  forgotten by HMRC.

Disputes can arise in all sorts of areas outside of full enquiries and investigations including..

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Tax Returns and Self  Assessment

Tax  returns can be completed for ..

The  self- assessment regime is full of penalties and HMRC enquiry powers are extensive. It’s important that …

As  well as the completion of  your return we can assist with …

For more information see our..

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VAT Planning and Disputes

Compliance with VAT is becoming even more complex. Investigations  from the Vatman can be intense - all the more important that you have an accountant who is successful in negotiations with them.

We take best advantage of the relief available and the interpretation  of the regulations. This is an extremely important feature of the service provided as it ensures peace of mind for all our clients.

We  can help you with advice on the VAT  schemes suitable to your business and dealing with VAT  control visits as well.

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VAT Registration

For VAT registration we can assist with…

For more information see our..

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VAT Returns

Compliance with VAT is complex. Investigations by the Vatmen can be intense - all the more important that you VAT returns are completed correctly.

There are 3 methods we can use to assist in completion of VAT returns..

We complete VAT  returns in good time to ensure you avoid any penalties.

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